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About Us Who We Are ?

Online P2P Marketplace Lending Platform

Activvo operate online and utilize technology to lower costs versus the traditional way and we connects investors are looking for investment products that generate higher returns than banks are paying with borrowers seeking loans of IDR10M to IDR10B. The borrower issuing notes and securities with interest rates are set based on the borrower’s credit score and investors have the option to choose the risk level they’re willing to take. And rather than fronting the money for one loan, an investor’s funds will be split across a number of loans, each of which they can review and approve.

What is Alternative Finance - P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Lending approach

The P2P business model is starkly different from that traditional bank. P2P platforms don’t lend their own funds; they act as a platform to match borrowers who are seeking a loan with investor who purchase notes or securities backed by notes issued by the P2P platforms. P2P Platforms generate revenue from loan origination fees charged to borrowers and from a portion of the interest charged to investors as servicing fees.

Products / Lines / Services Offered:

1. Activvo Notes

We offer Activvo Notes, an investment products backed by quality loan to small business.

As an alternative finance to provide funding for the development of Indonesia small and medium enterprise sector, which can lead to increases in competition and improvements in the quality of goods.Activvo connects small business borrowers to capital using non-traditional means. By teaming up with the leading data providers like IPASAR, the nation’s organized online wholesale marketplace platform, Activvo’s edge over other online lending companies is its proprietary “Automated Credit Decisioning” and “Risk Based Pricing” technology, which allows it to analyze user activity and feedback on the e-commerce marketplaces to generate a profile for each small business.

In addition to the financing component, Activvo provide credit services to evaluate loans and collection services to collect payments from borrowers in delinquent or in default.Activvo assigns a SME Competitiveness Rating and Activvo Loan Grade and an interest rate to every approved loan;an A+ grade loan has a lower interest rate than a C- grade loan, reflecting the lower expected losses and lower expected volatility of returns associated with A+ loans, and in cooperation with the financial community and Koperasi Selaras Artamara to provide micro loans to small businesses without a credit history. As repeat borrowers build their credit histories, they can apply for larger loans at lower cost. Read more …

2. Corporate Bonds

A corporate bond is a bond issued by established corporation in order to raise financing for a wide variety of purposes, such as to ongoing operations, refinancing debt, and financing mergers and acquisitionsor to expand business. Read more …

3. Goverment Bonds

A government bond is a debt security issued by central government and local authorities to support government spending.Surat Utang Negara, Obligasi Negara Ritel/ORI and Obligasi Daerah (Municipal Bond).Read more …

Note Trading Platform

A platform to match borrowers who are seeking a loan with investors who purchase notes or securities and investors may buy and sell notes and securities to seek a profit and realize some liquidity in transactions with other Activvo members. Read more …

About the Platform

The Note Trading Platform is operated by Universal Broker Indonesia, PT., is a registered broker-dealer and investment bank, member of Indonesia Stock Exchange and supervised by OJK, based in Jakarta, Indonesia. More information about Universal Broker Indonesia, PT., is available at www.universalbroker.co.id

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